Trust law chambers

A bare trust is a trust law chambers in which the beneficiary has a right to both income and capital and may call for both to be remitted into his own name. For example, the lender can have the right to recover outstanding amounts where there is a default on the borrowing by repossessing or disposing of the asset being acquired under the arrangement, but cannot have the right to recover such amounts through recourse to the fund’s other assets. The Bare Trust Deed Trust Deed is a key document.

Care is required to ensure there are no adverse GST, taxation or stamp duty consequences. The legal and beneficial interests in the property must be separated, so that an entity separate from the Superannuation Fund Trustee holds the legal title, while the Superannuation Fund Trustee holds the beneficial interest. A case that deals with the limited powers of a bare trustee to deal with trust assets is Caterpillar Financial Australia Ltd v Ovens Nominees Pty Ltd FCA 677 which considered the law relating to the duties, powers and rights of a bare trustee in a winding up. Limited powers of a bare trustee to deal with trust assets”. This page was last edited on 15 December 2017, at 23:41.

The Education Law Unit works in partnership with schools, education authorities, parents’ groups and charities across Scotland to make pupils’ rights and parents’ rights in education a reality. EHRC Scotland Event on Discrimination Law in FHE The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland is running an event on “Understanding Discrimination Law in Further and Higher Education” in Edinburgh on 21 February 2013. Education Law Unit noted in Chambers Education Law Unit noted in Chambers: Iain Nisbet of Govan Law Centre in Scotland has an excellent reputation for his work on exclusions, disability discrimination cases and transport to school issues. Act 2010 came into force earlier this year and has already been subject to criticism about how well it protects rural schools from unnecessary closure proposals.