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This link provides access to the most current click-through Master Agreement for Products legal will. This Product only Agreement applies to orders for Software, Data, and Online Services.

This link provides access to the most current click-through Master Agreement for Products only, translated in multiple languages. This Product only Master Agreement applies to orders for Software, Data, and Online Services. This link provides access to the most current Master Agreement for Products and Services. This Agreement applies to orders for Training, Professional Services, and Esri Enterprise Advantage Program, in addition to Software, Data, and Online Services. Product differentiator and suppliments the Master Agreement. These terms describe the most current scope and limitations to specific Software and Online Services identified inan order. In January 2018, changes were made to the law regarding immigration bail.

Rights without remedies: legal aid and access to justice for children draws on evidence from CCLC’s legal advice services. LASPO’s changes were broad, and fundamentally altered the UK’s justice system. As such, the government committed to review the Act within five years of its implementation. Now that this review is underway, we urge the government to examine in particular the impact on children’s rights of the legal aid changes, and to take steps to address this impact through implementing the recommendations in this report. No child should be left without access to justice.

We value the trust that you place in us by giving us your personal information. We will always use your personal information in a way that is fair and worthy of that trust. We will provide clear information about how we use your personal information. We shall always be transparent with you about what information we collect, what we do with it, with whom we share it and who you should contact if you have any concerns. We will take all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse and keep it secure. We will comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations and we will co-operate with data protection authorities. In the absence of data protection legislation, we will act in accordance with generally accepted principles governing data protection.

This Privacy Notice explains the types of personal information we collect and how we use, disclose and protect that information. What does this Privacy Notice apply to? This Privacy Notice applies to personal information collected by the Unilever Group of companies in connection with the services they offer. These Third Party Sites may have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions. This Privacy Notice is hereby incorporated into and forms part of the terms and conditions of use of the applicable Unilever Site. For information about the Unilever Group company responsible for protecting your personal information, see Your privacy rights and who to contact below.

If you do not agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in this way, please do not use the Unilever Sites or otherwise provide the relevant Unilever Group company with your personal information. Unilever will only collect, use or disclose your personal information where it is fair and lawful to do so. In most cases, we will ask for your consent explicitly but, in some cases, we may infer consent from your actions and behaviour. We may ask you to provide additional consent if we need to use your personal information for purposes not covered by this Privacy Notice.

Please note, however, that we may process your personal information without consent if we have a legitimate reason to do so, provided that such use will not have a prejudicial effect on your own rights, freedoms and interests. Any such use shall be in accordance with the Unilever Privacy Principles set out above. If we discover that we have collected information from a child without consent from a parent or guardian where such consent should have been obtained, we will delete that information as soon as possible. We may use your personal information to carry out age verification checks and enforce any such age restrictions. In this Privacy Notice, your “personal information” means information or pieces of information that could allow you to be identified. Unilever Sites, subject to the terms of this Privacy Notice and applicable data laws and regulations.

You may click on these icons to receive more information about the collection and use of your information or to opt-out of such collection in future. For example, in Europe the website www. How do we use your personal information? You can opt out of receiving communications from us at any time. Any direct marketing communications that we send to you will provide the information and means necessary to opt out. If fees are charged to your wireless account invoice, you agree that we may collect from you and provide your carrier with your applicable payment information in connection therewith.

You represent that you are the owner or authorized user of the wireless device you use to sign up for the Mobile Message Service, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. We do not guarantee that your use of the Mobile Message Service will be private or secure, and we are not liable to you for any lack of privacy or security you may experience. Who do we share your personal information with? If we do share your personal information with another Unilever Group company or with trusted third parties, we shall use our best efforts to ensure that they keep your information secure, take all reasonable steps to protect it from misuse and only use it in a manner consistent with our instructions, this Privacy Notice and applicable data protection laws and regulations. We may also share your personal information with companies, organisations or individuals outside of the Unilever Group if we believe that disclosure of the information is necessary for legal reasons.

It is not practical to list all of the countries where personal information is processed and stored as those countries frequently change depending on operational requirements. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how we handle your personal information, then see Your privacy rights and who to contact below. You should be aware that many countries do not afford the same legal protection to personal information as you might enjoy in your country of origin. While your personal information is in another country, it may be accessed by the courts, law enforcement and national security authorities in that country in accordance with its laws. Access to your personal information is restricted to prevent unauthorised access, modification or misuse and is only permitted among our employees and agents on a need-to-know basis. Unilever Site that directed you to this Privacy Notice.

Your request will be directed to the appropriate Unilever group company. Your request will be directed to the appropriate Unilever Group company. To assist us in dealing with your request, please provide your full name and details. We will give you reasonable notice of any material change. We encourage you to visit frequently to stay informed about how we use your personal information. We encourage you to read these additional terms or policies before participating in any such campaigns or promotions as you will be required to comply with them if you participate.