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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718051229. Information on estate planning and probate from an Iowa attorney. In seconds, I can transmit a message around the globe to one person or estate planning companies hundreds of people, or I can share a photo of my dog, Georgia. Or you can email your parents’ attorney and tell the attorney what changes to make to your parents’ estate plan to exclude one of your siblings.

In Estate of Boman, decided earlier this year, the on-going feud between two sisters and their brother, plus a little “spice” mixed in with the stepmother, resulted in jury trial supporting the claim of undue influence for a will and also intentional interference of inheritance by the sisters. My job as your estate planning attorney is to do the same thing. Push you out of the plane! Adoption can be a wonderful thing. My niece, in this picture, is adopted and she is a wonderful addition to our family. However, adoption can have some funky applications in the estate planning world. To avoid paying inheritance taxes for a bequest to a non-lineal descendant, a nephew was adopted by his aunt.

Even though he was adopted by his aunt, the son’s biological mother was still able to include an inheritance for her son. The first point is not all that unusual and I have advised clients of this very option. Basically, whether you are adopted or biological, as a child in Iowa, you do not pay any inheritance tax when you inherit from your parents. The second point is for a little more on the advanced side. One of the trade-offs of getting adopted is that once you are adopted, you are normally cut-off from adopting from your biological side. So, if your rich aunt adopts you, and then the next month your mother wins the lottery and dies from a heart attack, you don’t get to share in the lottery winnings as you are no longer your mother’s child. You are your aunt’s child, essentially, and you can only have one set of parents.