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Visit the JFK Library’s website in remembrance. Will it be a snowy winter? Safety tips for your family and home. Chris Powell: Gold market manipulation update, April 2018 Submitted by cpowell on Wed, 2018-04-04 15:23. Treasurer, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

Stock market volatility scares central banks, Embry tells KWN Submitted by cpowell on Wed, 2018-04-04 14:40. Central banks are terrified by the new volatility in the U. Sprott Asset Management’s John Embry tells King World News today, as that sort of thing ordinarily signals a change in trend. Embry expects that the future holds either a depression or hyperinflation. Submitted by cpowell on Wed, 2018-04-04 00:12. Intervention may best explain anomalies in the gold market Submitted by cpowell on Tue, 2018-04-03 12:15. CNBC Asia lets GATA secretary indict press for aiding gold rigging by central banks Submitted by cpowell on Tue, 2018-04-03 06:35.

Bernie Lo and Akiko Fujita on CNBC Asia’s “Squawk Box” program in Hong Kong, discussing the surreptitious daily interventions in the gold market by central banks and the Bank for International Settlements to suppress the monetary metal’s price. China acknowledges that petro-yuan challenges U. Submitted by cpowell on Tue, 2018-04-03 02:17. 2018 Max, Naiko and Tanja were the original three musketeers comprising the DSWT Canine Unit launched in 2016. 2018 Snares are cruel, indiscriminate and illegal.

KWS Mount Kenya Veterinary Unit attended to a young elephant calf on Elkerama Ranch in Central Kenya that had stepped into a snare. A gift that not only helps save a life but also bequeaths to the recipient an endearing icon that will be both educational and appealing. This is a living gift of a wonderful animal, the largest mammal on earth, and a gift that enables someone to become a part of the life of the elephant of your choice. 2018 February was a busy month, especially for the helicopter. Farmers were preparing to harvest their crops, so the helicopter was involved in several cases of pushing crop-raiding elephants back into protected areas. 2018 Four year old Max bounds through the dense commiphora bush, typical to Tsavo along with Tsavo’s rust red soil.